Welcome to my first foray into the world of writing a blog. I’ve read a million of these things, but I’ve never written one. My only hope in writing this is that I don’t bore anyone. Well, I guess my second hope is that I won’t embarrass myself.

It’s been almost seven months now since I retired from programming work. Most of my friends and colleagues were predicting I’d be bored and looking for work in less than six months. The months have been relaxing and pleasurable indeed, like a very long vacation. Leann (my wife) and I have taken several trips (no round-the-world cruises!), I’ve caught up on a few projects around the house with many yet to go, I’ve read a handful of interesting books, and I’ve even gotten in some motorcycle riding despite the winter months. So there’s no danger of boredom any time soon.

So why am I going to start spending my time writing a blog? Do I really think so much of myself that I am putting myself out for all the world to admire? Do I think I have all the answers? Of course not. But it came to me in one of those ‘moments of clarity’, that after sixty-two years of life, well over forty years of programming and some twenty-five years of running a small business I ought to know a thing or two worth sharing with my friends. How better to do that than a blog?

I may occasionally drift off into things political or religious, but when I do I promise it will not be evangelical. Those of you that know me already know I’m a politically conservative Christian, with an occasional twinge of liberal conscience thrown in. I’ll leave it at that for now and try to stay away from topics that are really just inflammatory.

Please feel welcome to comment and ask questions. But also know that I reserve the right to delete comments that are rude, vulgar, or generally offensive. As the blog owner, I am the sole arbitrator of any such decisions.

I’ll close this first little posting with a thought about optimism. I’m regularly accused of being overly optimistic, of seeing the bright side in everything without regard for the possible downsides. But I believe that you will actually improve the chances for a positive outcome in your life just by believing that the good things are going to happen. Call it positive reinforcement, or a belief system, or daily visualization, but by seeing these positive possibilities as more likely than their negative alternative, your mind just naturally finds the ways to make them happen. This is why people who say ‘Nothing ever works for me’ get themselves locked into a permanent downward spiral.

Until next time,

George Lehmann