George Lehmann has been writing one thing or another his entire life. Until the last few years, it’s mostly been computer software.

Occasionally he’d try to write a short science fiction story (one even got sent to Isaac Asimov’s magazine for a prompt rejection), or a chapter or two in a great novel. But even he could see these to be inferior and they’d sit for years collecting computer dust.

But slowly his craft improved, as he read more and even took a few classes on writing. The quality of his writing surpassed the boring and stab-your-eye level, and he dared to let other people read some of his shorter efforts. Not too long ago (2014), he self-published a short story on Kindle titled ‘The Road Home: A Man Left Behind.’ He’s currently working on a sequel to that short story in novel form.

George is now retired from his life of computer software and lives at home with his wife of 37 years, Leann. They enjoy their grandkids and traveling, and look forward to many happy years of retirement.